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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Getting back on track

Ack. It's been three weeks since I've written.

In the spirit of keeping some kind of record of how the duck is doing, I'll note the following.

He likes listening to They Might be Giants--Flood, No and the Bed, Bed Bed cd after I've read him the book. He also likes listening to Tenacious D, but I'm not sure it's age appropriate. Please remind me the first time he says "fuck" that Jack Black is to blame. Our other night time read is The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. The duck is quite good at turning pages, and when we finish a book he likes to taste it.

He took his first long car trip last weekend. 450 miles. When he was good, he was very good and slept a lot. When he was bad, well, you know the rest. At the beginning of the trip he slept, so I got a blissful few hours to actually just sit quietly. I reorganized my PDA, got rid of several old To Do lists, and read my book.

On Valentine's Day he started saying "Da da da," which my husband will occasionally admit is just a sound with no attached meaning just yet. He also ate a bit of rice cereal mixed with milk, then a bit more the next night, and nothing since in spite of many attempts.

Last night and tonight he was yelling his head off; we have no idea why. He's back to waking about twice in the night, and is hard to calm after the first one. Again, lots of possibilities, no clear answer. This parenting gig makes me feel quite thick, sometimes.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Stuff they don't tell you

Or if they do tell you, they play it down.

The duck has pretty much been sick since he started in day care. Actually, even before. We took him to a Halloween party to meet the teachers and other babies the month before he started, and he came down with his first cold after that. Then he got another one around Hannukah, and another after New Year. That was the tricky one. It started with a fever, then stuffy nose, then a dry cough that didn't wake him up, then a wet cough that woke him up, then a wet cough that woke him and caused him to choke. So into the doctor we go. The doc listens to his lungs, says he's wheezing and that he's got bronchiolitis, likely caused by RSV, likely picked up in daycare. And while it's viral, so only time will help, he'd picked up an ear infection that looked bacterial, so the duck got his first course of amoxycillin before he hit five months. The doc said that kids will get sick no matter when they're exposed to other kids, but that infants will get more complications. My husband and I took turns staying home from work for the better part of two weeks. When we took him back to daycare, he was better; no stuffiness, no cough. Two days later, he was coughing again. Back we go into the doctor, who says it's just upper respiratory congestion and there's still fluid in his ears but not too bad, so keep our eye on it in case it gets worse.

I talked with other moms. There were two responses--oh, yeah, my kids are sick all the time too; or my kids were so sick I got them a nanny and now they're not sick. I looked into nannies. They're difficult to find and cost twice as much as daycare. In fact, compared to my take home pay after taxes, it's pretty much a wash. But if I quit my job, we'd be reducing our income by half. HALF, people. Plus even though we wouldn't have childcare, we'd still have baby expenses. HALF PLUS BABY. That's ugly math. There is the option of sharing a nanny, which I haven't quite dismissed, but everything else but daycare would require complete upheaval of some sort--quitting a job, finding new jobs, moving, etc.

He's gotten better this week. Still got a bit of a cough, but not too bad. And he's been in mostly good spirits all along. So all those people who say "when I'm sick I'm a baby" really mean "when I'm sick I act way more badly than even a baby." I think babies get a bad rap, there.

We've had a bitter cold streak here, and that's kept everyone indoors, so I think that the virus pool is bigger than usual. I'm hoping for spring, and for a break from this crazy merry-go-round.

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